Practical information

  • Entrance conditions

- For French citizen, an identity card or valid passport is sufficient.
- For European and Swiss citizen, a passport without visa, official identity card or French residence permit valid  are required.
- For foreign citizen, a valid passport (visa for some countries) is necessary.


  • Amount allowed for duty free

You can carry up to 200 cigarettes (or 2 cartridges), or 100 cigarillos, or 50 cigars, or 250 grams of smoking tobacco and 1 liter of alcohol (over 22 degrees) or 2 liters of liquor (less 22 degrees).


  • Climate

The climate is tropical. The air is at 27 °C and never exceed up to 32 °C.


  • Currency

The currency is the euro. 1 EUR = 1.0866 USD (as of January 2024) according to the exchange rate of the day.


  • Difference time

Guadeloupe is in UTC/GMT-4 time zone (no daylight saving time)

When it is noon in Paris : It's 6 am in summer or 7 am in winter

When it is noon in New York : It's noon in summer or 11 am in winter


  • Electricity

The electricity is 220 volts.

Please don't forget adapters for european plugs as the plugs in Guadeloupe are the same as in France. 


  • Phone

To call the Islands of Guadeloupe from:
Metropolitan France: Dial the ten digits of your correspondent
Abroad: Dial 00590 and 10 figures of your correspondent (landline).

To call from Guadeloupe Islands to:
Metropolitan France: Dial directly the 10 figures caller
Abroad: Dial: 00, then the country code, the area code and then the number you want.


  • Taxes and service charges

Services and taxes are included in prices.

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